We offer an artwork documentation photography service that delivers to the highest degree of excellence, covering site specific installations & shows, artist’s portfolios, back catalogues and edition pigment prints. 

High Detail Imaging

We're able to accurately reproduce subtle colours and details with our high-end imaging equipment and processes. 

Accurate Colour Rendition 

For further information on our standards look at the Metamorphoze Preservation Guidelines on the Resource page.


An overview of our list of services is available to download from the Resource page, however as every project is different it is often to easier to start by getting in touch first.

Initial enquiries

Working with the artworks we'll plan out with you the best way to go about fulfilling your requirements. Either send us an outline of your requirements via the contact page, drop us a line or call and we can make an initial visit.





Our North London based studio is purpose built to allow a greater degree of control in image making than on location and is the advised place for documenting sensitive materials such as works on paper. It can also work out more economical by requiring less of your own time and resources for hosting the shoot.

We can archive large portfolios of work; our large copying system allows us to document drawings and mixed media materials up to 300cm long.

As well as providing a quick turnaround for individual artworks that are in transit, we can also reduce the hassle of picking up & delivery by organising it for you.




All location work is focused on delivering accurate archival images to a deadline. Files are ready to download and distribute, named, sized and formatted for the applications you require; all images are delivered with a set of capture proofs as standard. Part of the service will include a pre-shoot meeting to clarify your requirements, as well as a site visit so that the actual shoot is executed as fast, efficient and economical as possible. 




Calibrated images printed on FOGRA certified proofing paper; these prints will give you an accurate rendition of your digital image files so that you can confidently direct others of your requirements: These are absolutely essential for anyone who is intending on making limited edition pigment prints or designing a fine art catalogue or quality published art book.


Printed on thick ceramic base coated rag paper, with Hexachrome colour pigments on a perfectly calibrated art printer, these prints are the ultimate in colour rendition and steadfastness. Using non-optically-brightened paper means that the colours will maintain their quality over time.

We use Museo's papers as we believe them to be the ultimate in quality and natural feel. They come in three variations; a punchy colourful lustre, a dead matt paper and a textured art paper for reproducing drawings and works on paper. 


For reproducing artworks on paper (drawings, charcoals, gouaches, inks, etc), for the making of individual or limited edition print runs.

The process involves:

  1. Copying the artwork

  2. Softproofing (checking it on our graphics monitors),

  3. Making any adjustments

  4. Hard-proofing (in print)

  5. Making any adjustments

  6. Producing the final edition prints 




We can both scan your archive transparencies or have them made: Reproduction quality transparencies made from digital files, when produced correctly, give the best of both worlds. After much international testing we have chosen two of the most advanced developers of this process to deliver excellent results.